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How do you hook up an amplifier to a receiver

Published: 28.01.2017

Emotiva Audio's XPA power amplifier can boost your home theater's sound. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 0.

Video embedded · When to Add a Power Amplifier to an A/V Receiver If you're fortunate enough to own an A/V Receiver that has preamp outputs to connect an external amplifier.

Of course, other issues can create similar sound problems, but incorrect speaker phase is one of the most common mistakes made when setting up a stereo system.

Adding external amplification isn't just about making things louder, it's also about preserving dynamic range of the music to avoid unwanted compression. If you still want to get a receiver, and use an amp, then you will need to find one that has pre-amp outputs so you can bypass the receiver's power amp.

After the XPA is hooked up your receiver's internal amplifiers will still be on, but since they're no longer connected to your speakers, they don't contribute to the sound you hear. It has everything you need. Are you running your speakers full range, or are you running bass management and redirecting the low frequency content to a dedicated powered subwoofer?

Audio & Video Basics: Power Amplifiers

A Detailed Look at your Conditions Determining questions on adding an amp: PC audio can very well be high fidelity, if done right. Does this happen in your reciever, or is it only Onkyo receivers?

Nobsound Audio Mini 6J9 Vacuum Tube Headphone Amplifier Stereo HiFi Earphone Amp. Especially since you're talking about 4-ohm speakers.

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      That's 5 mono amps or 3 stereo amps or a very expensive purpose-built 5-channel amp for 5. If you have a tape deck connected to the tape monitor channels then you will have to remove this before connecting your equalizer.

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      Some vehicles will not have space in the dash for an equalizer and will need to remote-mount their equalizer. You can install your own connectors.

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