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Looking for companionship

Published: 04.09.2017

But if you're not looking for a "love" connection right away, what's wrong with making a good friend if you can find one? Don't take this the wrong way, I am not putting you down for what you ask for, I am only giving you my opinion of how your post seems to come across and maybe you should refine it and make the prosepctive girl feel more inclined to hang out with you.

In other words, if you ask for 'no sex', you may get 'no sex', even after you have been together for over a year!

Welcome To Companionship After 50. Each of your past relationships has taught you something about yourself and what you're looking for in a companion.

Are you maybe wanting more in the long term and just want to take your time? Then it always comes — the request for money. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Lifestyles and Relationships This Topic All Content This Topic This Forum Advanced Search. By Delaney Sixpence , February 15, in Lifestyles and Relationships. Well Bones, Priorities change as we age. That doesn't mean I simply just want to have a benefits only kind of deal.

Are you just wanting a male friend?

Maybe I wasn't very clear in that. Posted February 18, Someone to care for our elderly cat who sleeps 23 hours a day but requires daily grooming when she lets you! Watering our vegetable trugs if it doesn't rain would also be much appreciated.

Getting a Travel Companion Job (Travel Escort)

Our introduction service focuses on compatibility, attraction, and interests of people like yourself. For a limited time we're giving away free copies of the e-book we've written for our members, 'How to Stay Safe Online'. Just leave us your email address and we'll send you a copy for FREE! What you are doing is so novel and refreshing Vicki L , Sydney, Australia. Friends with benefits is all people see when they read my original post?

London [89] Brisbane [28] Farnham [25] Mosman Park [24] Chichester [23].

    1. William_Berry - 09.09.2017 in 14:33

      There isn't much logic in that. I suppose I wasn't clear enough in my intentions.

      Slava_Machet - 17.09.2017 in 10:08

      I'm not looking for romance, I just want a friend who would like to learn French with me

      John_Carver - 19.09.2017 in 03:46

      But even if there were sparks between us, there will be no sexual anything without some sort of commitment to one another.

      Swat_Man - 19.09.2017 in 10:46

      I'M A Woman Man Woman.

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