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Hook up airplay ipad

Published: 06.01.2018

Apple recently came out with a new version of Apple TV that runs on the same processor used for the iPad Air. Open the app that you want to AirPlay from.

Nov 07, 2017 · Connect to the same Wi-Fi network on your iOS device and the device that you want to AirPlay to. On your iOS device, swipe up from the bottom of your screen to open Control Center. In Control Center, tap AirPlay .

Apple TV also works great with the iPhone and iPod Touch, allowing you to both stream video through AirPlay or just use your entertainment system's speakers to play music. Here's 10 Ways to Fix It UPDATED FOR IOS To play music stored on your iPhone through your TV, choose the track, album or playlist you want to listen to, swipe up to reveal Control Centre again, select AirPlay and then select Apple TV. This is a great way to finally switch from DvD and Blu-Ray to digital video without losing the ability to see it on your big screen TV.

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How to Airplay in iOS 10 - airplay mirroring from iPhone iPad iPod

This adapter allows you to connect an HDMI cable from your iPad to your TV. To view photos and videos on your iPhone or iPad on your TV, open the Photos app, then select the Share button. Some apps, such as BBC iPlayer and TED Videos, feature their own AirPlay icon. To send and receive streaming audio and video with AirPlay, the devices you're using must first be connected to the same local network.

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