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Hispanic girl dating a black guy

Published: 26.01.2017

So, I thought of an idea as I was writing this. I'm mexican and only date blcks and samoans.

I love sharing my culture with a man who understands where I 5 Real Latinas Reveal Why They Love Black Men. “dating some Latino men went too far at the.

Just food for thought there is no such thing as full blooded Mexican..

I looovee Hispanic men! Especially if he has an accent that just makes me weak lol! Black mans has big lips and ugly big round nose they are way more arrogant and dominant than the average white male.

He couldn't work fast enough. I date all races. A lot of them feel like they need to improve their station in life.

I can never talk about them with my frieds because they like black guys. Home About Us Contact Us Help Privacy Policy Forums Groups Safety Tips Countries. But as wide-eyed as I used to be, it's more naive to think the times I've fallen short are attributed to a whole group of people.

Still have a question? And knowing is half the battle Take the segregation and gang rivalry in Los Angeles or the hate crimes in southern states, like Texas and Atlanta.

    1. Irina_Ventor - 28.01.2017 in 01:32

      I looovee Hispanic men! While I don't necessarily agree with every part of that approach—the rules for dating are a lot less defined these days—it has influenced my thinking some.

      George_Vashibton - 02.02.2017 in 16:56

      Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate.

      John_Colt - 11.02.2017 in 18:10

      But I to wonder why I don't see to many Hispanic men with black women I honestly believe Hispanic guys have to attract a black women with awareness to urban culture my boyfriend has grown up in a black environment so its easy to relate to each other and that strengthens our relationship.

      Jeff_Hanneman - 15.02.2017 in 13:17

      Hispanics are much more reasonable people and even racist white people know it.

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