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Dating a guy with a lazy eye

Published: 21.12.2017

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Apr 13, 2006 · It could be a major lazy eye or a slight I can't say dating someone with a lazy eye would be high on my I mean who here would date a guy with a lazy penis?

If we don't here wouldn't be a need for this site. Memes and fluff content may be subject to removal. Both the girl and you realize that you have a lazy eye, so you can either get all self conscious about it by not making eye contact, or you can act like you know you have a lazy eye and are comfortable with it. I notice so much about my face that no one else see's.

Now, this may sound really fucked up to some of you but he wants an honest answer.

Sign up in just seconds. And I don't know if this is horrible advice but I'd say make sure you're making the best eye contact you can with your other eye. But above all, girls will be turned off by a lack of self-confidence.

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Hiding a Lazy Eye!

Spam will result in an immediate ban. I have a friend who liked men with lazy eyes, she thought it was really sexy. Yes, people stress eye contact with dating. Will you lose interest on a woman who directly asking you out on email?

    1. John_Wayne - 30.12.2017 in 19:06

      Lazy eye, diabetes, heart failure, you name it that's just one guy!!

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